Who we are
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Who we are

We Are

We are a relatively new marketing company established in 2011. Overtime, we have grown from a small office business to a large company with dozens of employees.

We Make

We engage in all forms of marketing, regardless of what you need. Our primary goal is to put you on the map, whether you have a small or large business.

Why We Do It

We did not have too many options – we gathered a team of marketing professionals and enthusiasts. This is what we are good at, so here we are.


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Projects in 2018


Projects in the last three years

Meet Our Experts

Our team is impressive in size, but each project or team is managed by the best of the best. Here are the ones who keep AG Properties Brands running.

Mike Evans
Marketing director

Mike Evans is not just a marketing expert, but he is also a director in AG Properties Brands. In other words, his responsibility is huge.

Amelie Jackson

SEO expert

Amelie Jackson is an experienced SEO expert, but she is also a prolific project manager. She can take projects from scratch and skyrocket them.

Jason Bates
Project manager

Jason Bates is a marketing specialist, yet its responsibilities are much bigger. He also organizes and manages projects coming to us.

Galit Rubinstein
Creative Manager

Galit Rubenstein joined us as a marketing professional, but she quickly became a creative manager due to its ability to organize everyone and everything.

Putting Quality First

We take multiple projects at the same time, but we never sacrifice quality. We had to reject projects in the past because we simply did not want to compromise results. We are moral and ethical in business and we treat each client equally. These days, our team is impressive in both size and experience, so chances are we will take every project coming to us.